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1 Tanlu Grill – Authentic Charcoal Barbeque
“探炉”是一个承载了两代东北人对烤肉的理解和概念延申的产物,本着对肉品的追求和味道的提升我们创建了“探炉烤肉”。肉红圆样浅心黄,这是古人炙烤上佳的标准也是 “探炉烤肉”还给茫茫都市人在餐桌前的一份触动唇齿的宁静。



Passed down and perfected over generations of Northeasterners, Tanlu recipies embody the art of the traditional Chinese grill. The distinct flavours that have captured a place in the heart of millions are brought to you with our chef’s exacting standards of quality and authenticity.

Crystalized in our values and menu is the knowledge that pure ingredients, unwaivering attention to detail and culinary excellence will certainly excite. We welcome you to experience the marriage of tradition and urban socializing with one table, one stove, some charcoal and a couple of friends to savour the moment with.

Relax and enjoy an exquisite experience with friends and family; sizzling barbeque, cold beer, and the lingering warmth of charcoal fire, are combined at Tanlu to deliver the ultimate fine dining experience.
Tanlu Grill @ Garden City
Unit 1430, 4771 Mcclelland Rd.
Richmond   V6X 0M5
+1 (604) 370-2833
Tanlu Grill @ A Mythical Location
---- Mythical Blvd.
Soon City   L0L 0L0
+1 (---) --- ----

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